We interrupt this broadcast…

18 Jul

You’re probably wondering what is going on.  God knows I am!

So it’s been a lot of hush hush lately…PR departments to consult, quotes to receive and experts to question, but here it is; We’re back in Castine, and have been for about three weeks now.  We were in Boothbay for Schooner Days, and Eric spotted a check in the mast.  The short version is that ultimately it turned out that the mast is shot, a victim of heart rot.  Best we can tell, the mast is roughly as old as I am, original to the last rebuild and constructed to replace a temporary steel spar that served the Bowdoin for a brief stint with Outward Bound.  We’re ecstatic in that the mast didn’t fail, as in snap in half and come crashing down.  It is unfortunate that we had to cut our trip short, but alas, safety of the students first.

Our shipwright is hard at work building a brand new one.  It will be a record project…the wood was shipped across country from Port Townsend, Washington, and we have a little less than a month to get it together and shaped before our next set of students goes to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Things are up in the air pretty much all around.  Will I stay in Maine?  Will I return to Virginia?  Will I stay in the United States?  Will I stay in tall ships?  So many questions, and I’m learning for the first time what it truly means to go with the flow.

As it stands now, I’m here until 31 August.  I may be on the trip to Halifax.  I may not.  Time will tell, and I’m spending mine re-wiring ship systems and knocking off our very deep list of engineering projects.  I’m still running in the meantime, although I have no music.  It baffles me that someone that is so music-driven managed to leave Virginia without a music player or headphones.  No matter…the situation has been rectified and an Ipod (preloaded, I might add) and a set of headphones are on their way from Ebay.  I’ve still got the Spartan on the books for August, with a Tough Mudder and another Rugged Maniac in October.  Dates may change due to scheduling, but I’m still having a blast and doing what I can to stay sane.  I’ll get some pics up tomorrow…no cam/tab handy for transfer at the moment.  Fair winds!


– CC 

2 Responses to “We interrupt this broadcast…”

  1. ritapayne01 July 18, 2014 at 21:49 #

    wonderful to hear of your oddesy (not spelled right) so present to a good life being lived by a grand human being love you sweetheart grandmom

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Rush

    • Clownshoes July 19, 2014 at 16:18 #

      Love you too! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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